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The historic event Tuesday will perhaps be Juan Merchan"s most high-profile case to date, even after a long career atop the state-level trial court
4/1/2023 3:21 PM
When Donald Trump enters a New York courtroom on Tuesday, he"ll face a seasoned judge who is no stranger to the former president"s orbit....Read More
Stormy Daniels says she fears for her safety
1/1/0001 12:00 AM
...Read More
The charges: Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud. Here are the details.
4/1/2023 6:41 PM
Former President Donald Trump"s indictment by a New York grand jury has thrust the nation into uncharted political, legal and historical waters, and raised a slew of questions about how the criminal case will unfold....Read More
Potential GOP presidential hopeful Sununu: Trump shouldn"t be 2024 nominee, but indictment bolsters his base
1/1/0001 12:00 AM
...Read More
Analysis: Could Trump ever be jailed? Your questions, answered
4/1/2023 2:53 PM
Could he still run for president? Why would the adult-film star case move before any of the ones about protecting democracy? How could you possibly find an impartial jury...Read More
Ivanka Trump breaks silence on her dad"s indictment
4/1/2023 2:43 PM
Presidential historian Tim Naftali discusses Ivanka Trump"s statement about her dad, former President Donald Trump, being indicted by a Manhattan grand jury...Read More
Opinion: Trump"s indictment answers a 50-year-old question
3/31/2023 4:54 PM
Donald Trump became the first ever former US president to be indicted on Thursday. Like so many other instances with Trump, we"re venturing into new terrain. And while President Ulysses S. Grant was arrested in 1872 for speeding through Washington on a horse-drawn carriage, we can all agree it"s hardly the same...Read More
Houses crushed. Trees toppled. Roads blocked. Severe storms and tornadoes leave at least 22 people dead
4/1/2023 9:00 PM
• The oceans just reached their hottest temperature on record as El Niño looms. Here are 6 things to watch for • Watch: CNN meteorologist forecasts which states face tornado ris...Read More
"SNL" cold open tackles Trump"s indictment
4/1/2023 11:43 PM
...Read More
Sex workers in Amsterdam are protesting new rules in the red-light district
4/1/2023 3:44 AM
• Amsterdam asks "wild" young male British tourists to "stay away...Read More
French bakeries face a "critical situation"
1/1/0001 12:00 AM
...Read More
Missing 2-year-old Florida boy was found dead in alligator"s mouth, authorities say
4/1/2023 6:09 PM
A missing Florida boy was found dead Friday after authorities say they discovered the 2-year-old"s body in the mouth of an alligator in St. Petersburg, Florida....Read More
See "Star Wars" legend react to Acosta"s Darth Vader impression
4/1/2023 8:18 PM
Actor Mark Hamill joins CNN"s Jim Acosta to discuss his thoughts about a potential spinoff series based around his legendary "Star Wars" character Luke Skywalker...Read More
Rescue dog-goat best friends find their forever home together
4/1/2023 1:36 PM
Cinnamon, the goat, and Felix, the 1-year-old bulldog mix, are an unlikely duo, but best friends, nonetheless. ...Read More
Scientists have decoded the smell of Cleopatra"s perfume
4/1/2023 11:29 AM
As a child in the 1980s, I visited the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, England, to learn about the Scandinavian seafarers. The museum stank — and the stench was deliberate...Read More

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