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The agency added 15 places to its highest-risk category, showing the continuing grip the Omicron variant has on the world right now
1/24/2022 4:52 PM
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moved five Caribbean island destinations into its highest-risk travel category for Covid-19 on Monday. ...Read More
Cleveland suburbs offer window into how pandemic policies could shape midterm election
1/24/2022 8:07 PM
The political fight over pandemic policy is playing out in America"s suburbs, where some of the same voters -- namely suburban women -- who propelled Democrats to big wins in the 2018 and 2020 elections are now breaking ranks ahead of this year"s midterms. Read More
Analysis: Sanitizing history leads to moments like this
1/24/2022 7:00 PM
• CDC added these Caribbean islands to its highest level of travel risk • US pharmacies, health centers begin rollout of free N95 masks • Live updates | Answering your Covid questions • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reacts to John Stockton"s anti-vaxx conspiracy Read More
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. invokes Nazi Germany in offensive anti-vaccine speech
1/24/2022 12:29 AM
At a rally against vaccine mandates in Washington, DC, on Sunday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. likened vaccine policies in the US to the actions of a totalitarian state, even suggesting Anne Frank was in a better situation when she was hiding from the Nazis. Read More
Comparisons of vaccine mandates to Nazism worsen as health officials fight to get people vaccinated
1/24/2022 8:02 PM
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at a rally against vaccine mandates, where he compares vaccine mandates to Nazism. CNN"s Brian Todd reports. ...Read More
US pharmacies are rolling out free N95 masks as free Covid-19 tests begin to arrive in the mail
1/24/2022 1:38 PM
Just as free Covid-19 tests are landing in the mailboxes of people who ordered them, the first free N95 masks for the public have started to arrive at US pharmacies, with more on the way in the coming days. ...Read More
Trump lawyer ordered to respond to January 6 committee subpoena
1/24/2022 8:02 PM
• Grand jury to probe Trump"s effort to overturn Georgia election results • Analysis: Gingrich thinks members of Jan. 6 committee should be threatened with jail • Video: See Trump campaign official admit to elector scheme on TV ...Read More
Telescope reaches its final destination a million miles from Earth
1/24/2022 3:51 PM
• Astronaut reveals "alarming" view of Earth ...Read More
Hot mic catches Biden calling Fox reporter "son of a b*tch"
1/24/2022 7:13 PM
President Biden was caught in a hot mic moment after a Fox reporter asked if inflation is a liability. ...Read More
3 Maryland firefighters dead, 1 in serious condition after partial building collapse
1/24/2022 6:09 PM
Three firefighters died and one was in serious condition after responding to a two-alarm fire at a vacant row home in Baltimore on Monday, Fire Chief Niles Ford said at a news conference. ...Read More
7 injured after F-35 jet crashes on aircraft carrier in South China Sea
1/24/2022 6:18 PM
The pilot of a US F-35 jet ejected as his jet crashed on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier in the South China Sea injuring seven, the US Pacific Fleet said in a statement Monday. ...Read More
Stocks end higher after dramatic selloff
1/24/2022 3:27 PM
• Robinhood and Coinbase shares fall to their lowest levels ever • Getting paid on Venmo or Cash App? This new tax rule might apply to you ...Read More
Former Secretary of State praises Putin during a time of high tension with Russia
1/24/2022 3:39 PM
CNN Global Analyst Kimberly Dozier joins Newsroom to discuss recent comments made by Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of State under Trump, on Fox about Russian leader Vladimir Putin. ...Read More
US places up to 8,500 troops on alert for possible deployment amid Russia tensions
1/24/2022 8:28 PM
• CNN exclusive: Photos from the front lines as Ukrainians brace for possible attack • Opinion: What will Ukrainians do if Russia attacks? ...Read More
Cruise ship had an arrest warrant waiting in Miami. So it took passengers to the Bahamas
1/24/2022 8:31 PM
A cruise ship heading to Miami changed course to the Bahamas Saturday after a US judge issued an arrest warrant for the ship due to unpaid fuel bills. ...Read More

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